Why not to keep your wholesale super organized?

zizico: Online B2B ecommerce platform designed w/ passion

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You Will Get:
  •   Unlimited sales reps
  •   Unlimited buyers
  •   Unlimited styles
  •   90 day free trial period w/ full features
  •   $69/mo payment afterwards
  •   Multiple lines within same admin
  •   Inventory tracking
  •   Cutting ticket printing
  •   Invoicing: partial and/or full
  •   Custom line sheet creation tool
  •   Buyer invitation tools
  •   Top selling styles report
  •   Role based access for your employees
  •   Frequent improvements and new features

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build showroom

  • Sign up your own manufacturer account
  • Select a standard or custom interior for your showroom

Add Styles

  • Add style profiles
  • Upload your own photos or drop off styles for 3d photography

Sell! Sell! Sell!

  • Add buyer and/or sales reps.
  • Send invites
  • Receive POs

stand out

Stand out from the competition on your buyer’s desk.

buyers love it

When buyers like your styles, they place a PO with a click.

automatically organized

All your POs are automatically organized and available to you 24/7

easy digital pos

At industry shows, take orders with your laptop / ipad.
No more pens, no more paper.

sell 24/7

You can sell 24/7 from anywhere you want. No need to wait for industry shows to sell.

dream showroom

You can have your dream showroom
We can build the virtual 3D interior for you.

3d photography

The beautiful details of your styles deserve a nice 360 view.
Our premium partners will provide 360 view photography which you can easily upload to your zizico showroom

personalized mass messages

Send personalized emails to all your buyers at once.


Making linesheets has never been easier before.


Know your inventory.
What you sold, and what is left.
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